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"Black Friday Special" Just Waiting For Some Love

It might be three days late, but Cyber Monday counts as a Black Friday holdover so we present to you not only a seasonally-appropriate listing, but also another reference to Big Bear Cafe (we think). Below is the description for this 3 bed/1.5 bath with an oblique mention that it is 'just one block to cafe'. A check on Mapquest shows that yes, it is one block to Big Bear, so could it be that this hangout's popularity has rocketed from being firmly lodged as a selling point to not even needing a name? Simply state to friends you'll be at 'cafe' and they'll know where to meet you. Asking price is $364,900.

Black Friday special. 3 level rowhome in the popular Bloomingdale area. Just 1 block to cafe. Home was renovated in the past but needs some love. Great opportunity. · Listing: 221 R Street [Homefinder]
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