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Biden's Thanksgiving Plans; Watergate Changes Hands; More!

We're heading out for the holiday weekend. Blogging returns Monday morning.

ALEXANDRIA—The citizen's group proposal for the Alexandria waterfront has been rejected by city officials for both its cost and design. The contention will be sure to drag on past the next community meeting in January. [WaPo]

NANTUCKET—Joe Biden and family arrived in Nantucket last night for their annual tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving on the island. [Inquirer&Mirror]

WATERGATE—The infamous office building at 2600 Virginia Ave has changed hands for $76M. Penzance is the reported buyer. [WaPo]

F STREET—The ongoing exhibit Unbuilt Washington has dozens of examples of projects that never made it past the drawing board, including one that would have put a giant inclined plane on the Mall (inspired by the crowds at the Inauguration). "The driving idea is to extend the mall with a great inclined viewing platform that would bridge over the interrupting grade crossing at 14th and 15th streets," says the press release. [previously; CurbedInbox]