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Play The Curbed Drinking Game This Holiday Season!

As you get ready to join your nearest and dearest for a few days of overindulgence, the topic of real estate is sure to pop a few times in conversation. Surely someone in the family is trying to sell their house or buy a new one, so that means plenty of listing photos will make the rounds at the table. Why not turn it into something everyone can enjoy.

We asked the mixologist at Ardeo+Bardeo, Tim Galvin, to come up with a drink based on the title Predatory Lender and below is his recipe. He says, "It reminds me of an adjustable-rate mortgage because it looks good, but has a kick at the end." At right is a picture of the drink, but the full recipe and rules of the drinking game are after the break.
The Predatory Lender (aka the Thorny Rose)

2 oz Patron Reposado
1 oz Pama Pomegranate Liqueur
Splash of fresh lime juice (NOT Rose's!)
Drop of rose water
A tiny drop of Sambal (spicy Vietnamese chili paste)

Combine ingredients over ice in a mixing glass, shake, strain and serve
with a fresh lime wedge.

The Curbed Drinking Game, Version 1.0

· Drink once for each picture of the granite counter tops in the kitchen.
· Drink if the listing is 'in the heart of' a trendy neighborhood (if the nabe is H Street NE, only drink if your beverage is in a forty-ounce bottle wrapped in a brown paper bag).
· If the listing boasts 'embassy-sized rooms', you're only allowed to drink for each room that is, in fact, embassy-sized.
· Drink for each exclamation point used in the description.
· If the description is written in ALL CAPS, skip the drinking and proceed immediately to banging your head against the wall.
· Drink if the bathroom with a stand-up shower is counted as a 'full bath'.
· Drink if there are five or more pictures of the soaking tub. If it is an outdoor Jacuzzi, only drink if you are drinking Cristal.

Any more ideas to add to the game? Hit us on our tipline.

· Ardeo+Bardeo [OfficialSite]