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A Look Back At Redskins (And Cowboys) Real Estate Coverage

In honor of yesterday afternoon's nail-biting finish between the Skins and the team that we hate the most, we decided to take a look at some of the real estate coverage we've given the two teams in the past. Who can forget the recent sale of Clinton Portis' house that left him three hundred thousand dollars short of the break-even price. Or there's former Redskin Deion Sanders who has two Texas properties he can't unload (one is so outrageously over-priced you have to wonder what he is thinking). Then there's Chris Cooley who has some advice for real estate agents trying to market their services to Redskins Park and who can forget the outrage over the trees Dan Snyder had cut down at his house in Potomac. Or the brief glimpse we got of Vinny Cerrato in his living room (he was the former executive vice president of football operations).

We found some real estate stories about a few of the Cowboys too. Former quarterback Troy Aikman still holds the title for having the most expensive listing in the state (a $24M, five bed/eight bath). While we wait for that property to come down in price we can amuse ourselves watching Terrell Owens struggle to find some love from a buyer. He has two luxury condos on the market, one of which is a short sale. And, of course, we wouldn't be a blog if we didn't toss out the link to where Tony Romo lives.

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