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The Most Expensive House In DC Goes To The People Who Bought The Last Most Expensive House In DC

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The deal isn't signed off on yet, but the same patent-rich people who ponied up the $22M for Evermay over the summer have now made an offer on Halcyon House for $11M. This Prospect Street manse has had a tumultuous ride down the price ladder, since it started out at $30M in 2008, then went down to $19M, then hung at $15M until last month when it went down to $12.5M. Two weeks after that it went under contract. However, if it should close at anything less than $12M that would mean it no longer qualified as the most expensive house on the market, since there is one other listed for $12M near Observatory Circle.

Currently there are six tenants at Halcyon House who have 45 days to respond to the right-of-first-refusal document required by law, The Georgetowner reported today (in an article written by one of those tenants). If they agree to the terms then Mr Ryuji Ueno and his wife Mrs Sachiko Kuno of the highly lucrative Sucampo Pharmaceuticals will become the new owners not too far away from their house Evermay on 28th Street.

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Halcyon House

3400 Prospect St, Washington, DC