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Price Chop For Most Expensive DC Listing; Fannie Mae Hooray

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GEORGETOWN—Halcyon House is no longer the most expensive listing in the District since it recently had a price chop, but it now shares the top spot with a few others at $12.5M (down from $15M, which was down from $30M). [WFP]

DISTRICT—Today the EPA announced the winners of the Battle of the Buildings contest which ranked '245 buildings across the country in a head-to-head battle to save energy, reduce costs, and protect people's health and the environment.' The overall winner was a parking garage at the University of Central Florida, but DC was sixth on the list with the Fannie Mae building on Wisconsin. They reduced their energy usage by 34.6%. [CurbedInbox]

Halcyon House

3400 Prospect St, Washington, DC