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A New Home Search Tool For Slide Rule Fanatics

MRIS is the company that manages almost all the real estate listings for the DC area and they have just announced a new search feature on their public portal that is going to have some math geeks getting very excited. Instead of the usual check boxes for neighborhood preferences about things like public transportation or walk score, they've developed a sliding scale option for all the categories homeowners care about. We spent a little time playing around with it and felt freedom coursing through our veins as we were able to prioritize the lifestyle choices rather than just going all in for each category. Yes, some people want to be close to a dog park! But what if it is more important to be close to a Metro station? Now people can slide the Transportation bar up higher than the Walk Score/Pet Friendly bar and the search engine automatically prioritizes the houses that fit that requirement. You can practically hear buyers shouting free at last, free at last to anyone who will listen. We know how you are going to be spending your lunch hour. We won't tell, we promise.

· Homedatabase [OfficialSite]