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Arlington And Its Very Pricey Real Estate

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We love looking at the houses (nay, mansions) at the upper end of the price spectrum, but each time we do we end up leaving out so many good ones. They all tend to be clustered in the same neighborhood so we don't get a chance to branch out more than a few miles. When we wrote about the DC's most expensive condo that got us thinking about other high-end digs and we decided to break things down by county. After the jump are the listings atop the Arlington real estate market (a couple of which are near each other, but at least we're broadening our horizons some). We'll check in with more counties in the next few weeks.

This one has been on the market for almost a year and has had a million dollars taken off the price in the process. It is a 12,000 sq ft pad, with two master suites plus an extra in-law suite. In all it is a 5 bed, 5.5. bath house asking $6,950,000.

· Listing: 407 Chain Bridge Road [LongandFoster/Dan Laytham]

Photos from Homevisit

We mentioned this one in May, when its asking price was five hundred thousand less than it is now. The list price went up to $6M at the beginning of October, which think has something to do with the 2.3 adjacent acres that might have been added to the parcel (phone calls to try to figure this out were not returned). But, anyway, it was originally designed by the same person who designed Reagan National Airport and is a 4/4 with that open, airy feel with great views.

· Listing: 175 Chain Bridge Rd [LongandFoster]
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Right next door to the house we just mentioned, is this one that hasn't been on the market for 55 years. It was built for Herbert Hoover's Labor Secretary (whoever that was, we don't know) and is a 4 bed, 3 bath set-up. Asking price is $6M, but there are an adjacent 2.3 acres available that right now seem to bundled with 175 Chain Bridge.

· Listing: 111 Chain Bridge Road [LongandFoster]

Now we have our first condo on the list. It is a penthouse that has just come down a million to $4.3M. It is in the Waterview building on 19th Street so that means it comes with hotel services and amenities. The 3 bed, 3.5 bath unit is a large 3,838 square feet.

· Listing: 1111 19TH ST N #2801 [Homesdatabase]

Another Chain Bridge house, but this one isn't on the side with river views. That is probably why it is asking almost half as much as the others at the top of this list that are only five minutes away. It's a 6/6/3 new build asking $3,750,000.

· Listing: 406 Chain Bridge [Sotheby's]

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