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DC Guest House Back On The Market

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Things aren't going well for the DC Guest House. We first checked in with this conversation piece when it was on the market for $4M, then it went down to $2.9M, and then after a few months at $1.99M it finally found a buyer sometime in the middle of October. Alas, that contract has been released 'due to financing', so the house is still available for the $1.99M ask. It's a nine bed, nine bath Victorian with a spacious 3,120 square feet to spread out it, which equals the comfortable price of $291 per square foot. Update: We accidentally put in the square footage for the lot size, not the house. One website lists the house square footage as 6,864 but then a commenter mentioned that the square footage was 8,326. So, at this point, we can't be sure about the exact square footage of the house. We just know that it's big.

· Listing: 1337 10th Street NW [ColdwellBanker]
· Prior Guest House Coverage [CDC]
· Listing: 1337 10th Street NW [Redfin]

DC Guesthouse

1337 10th Street NW, Washington, DC 20001 Visit Website