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And The Person With The Worst Rental Experience Shall Be...

The pools are open and your votes are needed. We have our four best rental horror stories ready for you to choose the one that qualifies as the worst rental experience ever (and therefore is the 'best' horror story). Whoever gets the most votes moves onto our national round and the winner of that match-up will receive $2,500 dollars towards their rent. Polls close tomorrow at noon and you can only vote once per device. Our tech team is standing by to make sure no one tries any funny business. Click below and spread the word far and wide.

· Fifteen Mice & Getting Rained On In The Middle Of The Night [CDC]
· Property Management With Higher Turnover Than McDonalds [CDC]
· Two Drunk Roommates And Their Squalor [CDC]
· Bed Bugs, Towed Cars, And A Possible Security Deposit Scam [CDC]

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