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Let Us Now Learn About The Finer Nuances Of Nudism

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What would a Craigslist Power Hour be without an in-depth focus on what the site is most known for? We shall start our analysis with someone who considers himself a "true nudist" and is generously open to the idea of living with someone who has never experienced this lifestyle before and needs a mentor to show them the ropes.

Next up is an 'amateur nudist', who should try to meet up with the above Craiglister for a few tips.

And then, of course, there are the people who are on the fence about the whole thing and only consider themselves 'somewhat' lax about it.

And then we found two listings that are so similar it must be from the same person. So it looks like someone is trying to stuff the ballot box. The only difference is in one he describes himself as a full-time nudist and the other he shares that he will be naked for your viewing pleasure.