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Auspicious Price Tag For The District's Most Expensive Condo

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The District's largest and most expensive condo has just emerged on to the market with an asking price that is very easy to remember: $7,777,777. Fittingly, it has seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms (five full, two half) and not quite seven thousand square feet. We're pretty sure this is highest list price ever for a condo in DC, but if anyone out there can remember something above this please let us know in the comments. It certainly bests last year's most expensive condo sale of $5.75M, which was in the same 70-unit building on Georgetown's Water Street. We thought that one would be hard to beat, but this one was designed by Richard Williams Architects and merged several units into one in order to come up with that much space. It could easily be mistaken for a large art gallery, especially during warmer months since there are two French balconies that could host summer receptions. There are also four parking spaces that come with the sale and the building has a rooftop pool. So, there you have it. On this day of 11/1/11 we felt it only appropriate to tell you about a house whose asking price is seven sevens.

· Listing: 3303 Water ST #7A [TTR/Sotheby's]
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Condo photos from Sotheby's

3303 Water

3303 Water, Washington, DC 20007