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The Jigsaw House Sells For Just Below Ask

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Earlier in the summer this David Jameson design quietly slipped off the market and we didn't even notice until we came across another of Jameson's designs. Before we get to that suspended meditation space, let's take a look back at the "Jigsaw House". The four bed/four bath floorplan is built around a central courtyard with a gas fireplace using Hawaiian volcanic rock as a backdrop. The gallery shows all the dozens of angles used to create the kaleidoscope effect. It sold at the end of June after only three months on the market for the asking price of $1,995,000 (though with a seller subsidy of $1,250).

We checked back in with this property because we saw his Tea House profiled on another blog that, as usually happens with a Jameson project, stopped us in our tracks.

This exists in a family's backyard and is a single, glass-enclosed room they use for meditation, music recitals, and general peace-seeking activity. It is suspended by steel 'arms' from the top of the frame and the wooden door is about four inches thick (ten centimeters to be exact). After the break is a full gallery of the build.

Photos by Paul Warchol from David Jameson Architects

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Jigsaw House

6011 Kirby Road, Bethesda, m