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A Boutique Condo Building Coming To Logan Circle

A worse-for-the-wear building on Logan Circle is going to get some sprucing up thanks to the peeps at Lock 7 Development. They updated their blog to say they'd just acquired the building at the corner of 12th and Rhode Island Ave and plan to give it a major overhaul while preserving some of its more charming features—like those 14 foot high ceilings and original pine floors. Representatives from Lock 7 tell Curbed that they had wanted to bring this building into their portfolio, but it had been under contract with another developer until that group decided they had too much going on and they had to let it go. Lock 7 snatched it up because the building has what everyone wants—lots of light, a central location, and the opportunity to build affordable units.

Once complete—in summer 2012—it will have either seven or eight units that are similar to ones in a building they completed last year at 1221 12th St NW. Here's what one of those units looked like:

· Coming Soon, New Condos In Logan Circle [Lock7]

Photos from Lock7