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An Independent TED Talk For DC; A More Personal Salahi Auction

VIRGINIA—Tareq Salahi is auctioning off more than his winery equipment. Now he's trying to unload his wedding ring, sculptures, underwear and bathrobes. He and his wife were in the habit of pulling a bathrobe scam at hotels, so he has far more than he could use. [previously; WaPo]

ANACOSTIA—If sneaking in Ted Talks at your computer is one way you make it through your boring work day, then plan to be at this Tedx event on October 15th. The title is The Creative City: Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Innovation and a dozen or so bright minds from all across the city's professional enclaves will tell you what they know in twenty minutes or less. There's even a landscape architect in the mix. [TED; TEDx DC]

SOHO—Jon Bon Jovi has listed his SoHo duplex for $45M, about twenty million more than he bought it for in 2007 (pictured). [NYP]