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A No Holds Barred Podcast About Where Real Estate Is Heading

If you like Barry Ritholtz's bimonthly column in the Washington Post about the state of the real estate market then you will love his recent podcast with Curbed insider Jonathan Miller. They spent so long telling it like it is and skewering the many so-called pundits that they had to divide it into part one and part two. They cover the likely next recession, the problems with a few big name banks, and what the numbers really mean. Be forewarned, in typical Ritholtz style, there are a few f-bombs and the like sprinkled throughout. To give you an idea, here's one quote from the interview: "You always have to resist the urge to call the other guy a schmuck." That's the Ritholtz we know and love! [WaPo; Matrix; Matrix; TheBigPicture]