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Donald Trump Flies In To Formally Open His Winery

For two hours yesterday the hallowed ground of Virginia's Charlottesville felt the thundering footsteps of the one and only Donald Trump. He arrived via helicopter at his winery—that was formerly owned by Patricia Kluge, that went into foreclosure, that he then bought at auction—and gave everyone a warm and fuzzy feeling about the future of Virginia wine. Governor McDonnell was there highlighting the fact that the winery would create jobs and Donald's son, Eric Trump, who is winery's actual owner, gave some cryptic hints about expanding the acres of land that grow vines. After the property was purchased Eric Trump gave a video interview of what he plans to do to some of the buildings, but this was the first hint that there might be more vines planted.

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Kluge Winery

100 Grand Cru Drive , Charlottesville, va 22902

trump winery

100 Grand Cru Drive, Charlottesville, VA 22902