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The Top Five Most Expensive Houses For Sale In Nearby MD

We've run into a few of these mansions before here on Curbed, but they are still on the market despite have bathrooms that number in the double digits and foyers with square footage that would usually apply to a factory warehouse. Ranging from $10M to just under $7M, the full list of the five houses are after the break (with a full gallery of interior shots for each house).

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Photos from HomeVisit

The most expensive house just over the Maryland line is in Potomac for an even ten million dollars. It's a nine bedroom, seventeen bathroom home with eight fireplaces.

· Listing: 10501 Chapel Road [WashingtonFineProperties]

Photos from HomeVisit

Next up we have a $9.9M house in North Potomac with seven bedrooms, thirteen baths and thirty-five acres of land. The listing description boasts: "It's Camp David minutes from River Road!"

· Listing: 15325 Masonwood Drive [Redfin]

The third house we found is a $7.9M house with nine bedrooms, fourteen bathrooms, and three and a half acres of land.

· Listing: 9309 Kendale Road [LongandFoster]

We mentioned this house before when it was listed at $7.685, but it is still on the market with a price reduction. With eight bedrooms, ten bathrooms it is asking $7,175,000 (with a guest house too).

· Listing: 9009 Congressional Court[WashingtonFineProperties]
· Because Every Kids Room Needs A Spiral Staircase [CDC]

This house caught our eye a while back because of those steep stairs going down to the tennis court (the above picture is of the rear of the house, the front is the second picture in the gallery). That was back in July and it is still asking the same $6.99M for its six kitchens, seventeen bathrooms, and twelve bedrooms.

· Listing: 7013 Natelli Woods [LongandFoster]
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