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The Top Five Most Expensive Houses For Sale In Nearby VA

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Virginia holds its own in the priciest real estate game. With the top of the list a $12.5 million dollar house made to look like a castle down to the $8.95 colonial with a gold bathroom reminiscent of Versailles, the northern part of Virginia goes big when it goes expensive. The third house on the list is the former house of Ted Leonsis that he sold to his friend in the early part of this year. That house has a long enough backstory that we wrote about it separately here. See the mansions in all their sprawling glory after the jump.

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The first house on the list is a $12.5M seven bedroom, eleven bathroom manse overlooking the Potomac River. Each bath has a jacuzzi tub.

· Listing: 612 Rivercrest Drive [LongandFoster]

Next is a house in Great Falls for $9,975,000—a stone manor with six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, wine cellar, and 25,000 square feet.

· Listing: 576 Innsbruck Ave [WashingtonFineProperties]

Photos from WFP

We head back to McLean for the third house on the list. At $9,500,000 it has eight bedrooms and 13 bathrooms and your usual laundry list of pool, guest house, media room, wine cellar, yadda, yadda, yadda.

· Listing: 6827 Sorrel Street [WashingtonFineProperties]

House number four was one of our Pricespotter guessing games that we do from time to time. That was in March and the $9.2M price tag hasn't come down at all. When we first posted this we described it as a 'a seven bedroom mini-palace with eight full baths and another three half baths thrown in for good measure'. A helpful commenter pointed out the 'red steps to nowhere'.

· Listing: 1028 Towlston Road [LongandFoster]

Another McLean house makes the final spot on the list at $8,965,000. It comes with six bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, and an indoor regulation size tennis court (complete with audience seating area).

· Listing: 1015 Basil Road [WashingtonFineProperties]