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New To Market In Capitol Hill: A Garage Door, But No Garage

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Now this is a first. A row house in Capitol Hill that went on the market last week boasts about its automatic garage door opener, but there is no garage. The listing isn't lying, there is a garage door—see that blue metallic thing across the above photo—but it closes off the brick patio/driveway behind the house. Can it be a garage door when there is no garage...what says ye, Plato? But let us not quibble over semantics, because the house is awfully nice. A two bed/two bath/two wood burning fireplace abode that was built in 1900 and is in good condition. Asking price is $649,000. Remember, this hit the market on October 14th, 2011 so we're sure it will generate lots of interest given how close it is to Eastern Market.

· Listing: 219 12th Street SE [Estately/WashingtonFineProperties]