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Georgetown's Hugh Jacobsen Designed This Bonkers Mansion(s) Before Being Fired Without Cause

Where do we begin? With the rotating marble floor in the garage that was installed so drivers wouldn't have to back their cars out. Not extreme enough for you? How about the Dobermans who were let out on the hour to run the perimeter of the property. No? Okay, well surely the lower level that was fashioned after a city with streets, a restaurant, bars and a barber shop is enough to make you want to buy this $19.5M house. Even though it is in Lake Erie, it was designed by local architect Hugh Jacobsen who has lived in Georgetown since the fifties and has left his mark on hundreds of homes in this area and around the world. He ended up being fired from this project a year and a half into it for reasons he was never made aware of but that didn't stop him from remembering how many square feet the house has (60,000). Click over to hear his much more detailed description of the house and its endless list of unusual features—like the fact that the building is essentially twenty castle-like buildings made from concrete and connected to each other by glass hallways. Now surely that beats Dobermans and rotating marble floors. Check out the photo gallery that has about two dozen pictures that show one crazy room after another.

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Photos from Zillow