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Want To Live In A Mansion That Used To Be A Pain Clinic?

There are sketchy backstories and then there are downright freaky ones. Guess which category this house of horrors falls into. If you want the full story, click over, but here's a quick recap: built over a hundred years ago by one of Teddy Roosevelt’s original Rough Riders, it was most recently owned by Dr. Nelson Hendler who both used it as a residence and operated something called the Mensana Pain Clinic from within. Sadly that business venture resulted in him losing his medical license and narrowly avoiding jail and to make a long story short the house is going to auction in a few weeks. It is a six bedroom, fourteen bathroom kind of place whose minimum bid is $1,400,000. · Listing: 1718 Greenspring Valley Road [Sawbuck]
· Eight Acres and a Story in the Greenspring Valley [Fishbowl]